Why choose our Logic templates?


Learn by reverse engineering

We provide fully mixed, mastered and arranged Logic Pro projects that you can use to learn music production by reverse engineering. You will hear how each plugin and setting affects the sound, you will see how we use automation to create movement and flow. And you will get full access to the track structure and instrumental arrangement. With our templates you get the opportunity to explore the professional track from the inside and learn from it.

Logic Pro X templates

Focus on creativity

When starting a new track, you already have a lot of things to focus on. We’ve taken the time to design great templates for you, so you can concentrate on the creative part of music production instead of adding synths and losing time tweaking plugins and channel strips.

Improve your production time

It’s a known fact that it is easier to start with a template that already has all synth and plugins than with a blank project. Our Logic templates provide you with a mighty starting point that has everything you need to quickly get started including full track structure, drum patterns, synths and samplers, premade channel strips including master channel and more.

Easy customization

We have made it easy for our customers to edit the templates. They are well organized and all the tracks, busses and sends named for ease of use. Almost all tracks set up as MIDI, allowing you to choose your own drum samples and synth presets, change the key, melody and tempo - the editing capabilities are endless so you can easily personalize all the elements and make your own original tracks.

Logic Pro MIDI Template

If you are a singer/songwriter, but don't know anything about music production, and you need quality EDM instrumental for your demo, then our templates are perfect for you. Simply edit arrangement and harmony to suit your needs and you are ready to go!

Our Logic Pro templates are ideal for filmmakers and television producers that are looking for music that they can customize to perfectly sync with the video.

Boost your creativity

Sometimes we all have creative block or don't know where to start. With our variety of genres you will surely get plenty of creative ideas and inspiration for your own production. Moreover, an access to the track structure will help you to avoid getting stuck in the loop and allow you to put together a whole track in no time!

Logic Pro Templates

Frequent releases

We release new templates every month to make sure we get you the latest EDM trends. Our highly skilled production team make every efforts to bring you the latest production techniques and provide you with fresh track in no time! Whether you are making Progressive House, Techno, Deep House, Dubstep, Tech House or anything else, you will find something that is just right for you!

Royalty free license

Our Logic templates are royalty free so you can use samples, MIDI files, channel strips and presets in your own tracks without having to worry about additional costs or licenses. You can also use them for YouTube videos, DVDs, CDs, games, film, television, radio, websites, audiobooks, mobile apps, web series/movies. Check our License Agreement for more info.

Great support

Our support team will assist you in any matter and help you if you have any issues with our products.